Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Theatre Of Delays - Two Souls

Two souls one body. It’s rare but it happens. It happened to us.
It took a long time before we realized it, there was no problem until we were kids and others made choices and took decisions for us, and we could play for hours on our own without feeling alone.
We thought it was perfectly normal to have double thoughts and feelings but we were wrong.
You can't love chocolate and hate it at the same time, it doesn't work like that...
So we went to the doctor, he told us that a choice had to be made, one of us had to go away to allow a normal life to the other.
We thought and talked and fought and cried a lot but we just couldn't make that damned choice...
"I take the night" she said at some point "you can have the day."
We still meet, now and then, in dreams or in music.

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