Monday, June 16, 2014

Moullinex - Love Magnetic EP

Sometimes it can happen you fall into a wrong love.
And even if you know, somehow, that it will have no future, that it won’t bring you anything good, that it won’t take you anywhere, still you let it grow inside you.
Maybe it’s because you feel alone, or pointless, or you’re just running away from something else, whatever: at some point this love becomes too big.
It gobbles up your entire life, its abyssal monster tentacles take it all.
So you decide to get rid of it, but it's very hard because it is everywhere and the more you struggle the more it grasps you...
Perhaps, if you pretend to be dead, it eventually get bored and it slacken off the grasp, for sure you know that you must stop feeding it and start to feed yourself instead…

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