Monday, June 10, 2013

Discodeine - Aydin

Psychedelic, obscure, this tune is a real puzzle.
Turkish title, haunting vocals, dada lyrics, sibylline video.
Still it sucked me in.
So I went to The Wise Old Man Of All The Songs (Two Moats to his friends) bringing a pink box of homemade chocolate cookies and a tape with the track (he has this superpower he can read tapes with his fingers... only tapes though, not vinyls, nor cds, mp3 players get damaged by his "magnetic thing", and at his place, on the classical top of the classical mountain, internet doesn’t work...)
Whatever, I went there and gave him tape and cookies, he took his time to read, eat and think, then he said:
“Never search for meaning in a dance track.”

I feel much better now.

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