Friday, March 15, 2013

Theatre Of Delays - Shine

Hello my name is Shine I’m all black and i come from the Retrofuture.
You know all the stuff they imagined about the future in the past? (space travels, unwearable silver clothes, flying thingamabobs...) I come exactly from there.
Obviously I have a superpower... I’m a telepathist, but I don’t bring home the bacon with that... It’s a quite unlucky superpower actually, painfully useless most of the times...
So I know what are you thinking now, besides all the porn-food-pain-in-the-ass-daily-stuff you are wondering why they have called me Shine if I’m all black. Good question, thank you, and perfect timing!
Look at me in the picture above, I’m at work... no, I’m not a model, look at me carefully... i’m so deeply black that... it’s me that makes things SHINE!

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