Sunday, October 7, 2012

Xinobi - (I Hate The Sound of) Guitars

Last night i met this guy.
He was so cute with those big glasses and those blue eyes.
We have been staring each other for weeks at the club and finally yesterday he talked to me.
Great feel, good smell, nice chat.
“I make music” he said.
“Hey, so do I! What’s your shit?”
“Difficult to tell, but if you add me on Facebook I can show you... What about you?”
“Well, come to my place and i show you...”
Normally I don’t act like that, I swear, anyway that’s what i said.
So here we are, on my sofa, having last drink, waiting for a kiss that doesn’t come...
“You said you play an instrument... Would you show me?”
The boy is definitely shy... what can I do? Suddenly a light flashes in my mind... “Could you wait here a minute?” I say.
I’m back five minutes later, wearing only my golden Stratocaster.
He turns pale, gets up and walks the door with no words...

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