Sunday, October 28, 2012

Salon Acapulco - Aire (Original + Acid Washed Remix)

Three days.
The first one people go crazy, they talk way faster than usual, they easily run out of patience and you feel weirdly uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter where you are.
The first night sleeping is impossible.
Mostly every house is haunted.
In the second morning you wear your armor and you walk bowed head. No hellos, no useless words, just knowing glances on purple faces behind ruffled hair. And you leave the radio on when you go to sleep at night, pretending not to hear that old ghostly song in the background.
The third day you know it will be over soon. Smiles and unprovoked merriment. Clichés.
Sometimes you unbutton your coat and let this thing come in and hug you a cold goodbye.
It leaves at night, when you are finally sleeping, because ghosts are gone.

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