Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lane 8 - The Voice

“[...] Voice is not an organic part of a human body. It’s coming from somewhere in between your body. [...] Whenever we talk to another person, there is always this minimum of ventriloquist effect, as if some foreign power took possession. [...] The lesson that we should learn [...] is that we ourselves are this foreign power. Our ego, our psychic agency, is an alien force, distorting, controlling our body and the voice is the way it reveals itself. The dimension of the human voice is properly traumatic , the human voice is not the sublime, ethereal medium for expressing the depth of human subjectivity, but is a foreign intruder. [...] How can we get rid of this terrifying dimension of the voice? Or, since we can not simply get rid of it, how to domesticate it, how to transform this voice nonetheless into the means of expressing humanity, love and so on? [...]”

Slavoj Zizek – The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (biB on the Sofa remix)

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